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Four bales are given for boxing, then one bale per week.

One bale has 675 liters.

Important are liters and no weight!

VETOFLEX ' Compression effect on organism


The anatomy and physiology of the equine lymphatic system is both unique and complex due to the unique physiological features of the animals. The circulatory system is kept going by a single big muscle, the heart. It is a muscle that is in operation 24 hours a day for as long as the animal lives. On the other hand, the lymphatic system has no such device, it has no pump of its own. Instead, it relies on skeletal muscles whose contractions help to keep the lymph moving in the right direction, back into the central system of blood circulation. Apart from bones, horses' lower legs contain only connective tissue which is unable to perform the same function for the lymphatic system as muscles do. That is why the lower leg has a tendency to accumulate lymph with subsequent formation of swellings, commonly known as windgalls, that usually disappear only with exercise. One possible substitute for exercise is lymphatic massage when the lymph is "moved along" by the therapist in the direction of its desired flow helping to drain it from the lower limbs.

New developments in bandage technology can help to maintain the lymph flowing as desired and to prevent its accumulation in the lower extremities between therapy sessions. In healthy animals the bandages can help to prevent the formation of windgalls in the first place by maintaining proper circulation in lower limbs.



we run the whole production in-house using (pinewood)

• elastic bedding prevents strain on the joints (high volume -> very soft bedding) You can push on

the bedding and feel its very soft. This comes also because the shaving is thin

• Which leads to shock absorption so the horse can rest better

• Of course dust and bacteria free! Our shavings are 100% dust free!

• Dust free is beter for lungs of both human and horse

Good price in a quality ratio, monthly consumption of shavings per box