STANDARD - front leg

Size Circumference of the carpal/tarsal joint / The height of the zip fastener
S 24,0 - 26,0 cm                                                        31 cm
M 26,1 - 28,0 cm                                                       31 cm
L 28,1 - 30,0 cm                                                        31 cm
XL 30,1 - 32,0 cm                                                      31 cm
XXL 32,1 - 34,0 cm                                                   31 cm

STANDARD - hind leg

Size Circumference of the carpal/tarsal joint / The height of the zip fastener
S 26,0 - 28,0 cm                                                       33 cm
M 28,1 - 30,0 cm                                                      33 cm
L 30,1 - 32,0 cm                                                       33 cm
XL 32,1 - 34,0 cm                                                    33 cm
XXL 34,1 - 37,0 cm                                                  33 cm

SHORT - front leg

Size Circumference of the carpal/tarsal joint / The height of the zip fastener
S 24,0 - 26,0 cm                                                      28 cm
M 26,1 - 28,0 cm                                                     28 cm
L 28,1 - 30,0 cm                                                      28 cm
XL 30,1 - 32,0 cm                                                   28 cm
XXL 32,1 - 34,0 cm                                                 28 cm

SHORT - hind leg

Size Circumference of the carpal/tarsal joint / The height of the zip fastener
S 26,0 - 28,0 cm                                                     31 cm
M 28,1 - 30,0 cm                                                    31 cm
L 30,1 - 32,0 cm                                                     31 cm
XL 32,1 - 34,0 cm                                                   31 cm
XXL 34,1 - 37,0 cm                                                 31 cm

LONG - front leg

Size Circumference of the carpal/tarsal joint / The height of the zip fastener
S 24,0 - 26,0 cm                                                     33 cm
M 26,1 - 28,0 cm                                                    33 cm
L 28,1 - 30,0 cm                                                     33 cm
XL 30,1 - 32,0 cm                                                   33 cm
XXL 32,1 - 34,0 cm                                                 33 cm

LONG - hind leg

Size Circumference of the carpal/tarsal joint / The height of the zip fastener
S 26,0 - 28,0 cm                                                      36 cm
M 28,1 - 30,0 cm                                                     36 cm
L 30,1 - 32,0 cm                                                      36 cm
XL 32,1 - 34,0 cm                                                   36 cm
XXL 34,1 - 37,0 cm                                                 36 cm


When exercising the horse (natural activity boosts the bandages' action), during recovery (quicker flushing of waste products from the bloodstream), when on box rest, ideal for transport when worn underneath travel boots.

Instructions or use

  • Place the bandage on the back of the fetlock joint with the logoed Velcro facing away from the horse.
  • Starting from either the top or bottom, pull the sides of the bandage together and fasten the hooks.
  • Fasten the zipper and lay the zipper pull flat pointing downwards. That will stop the zipper from unfastening on its own. Place the Velcro fastening over the zipper slider.


Material composition: 75% polyamide, 25% elastane (LYCRA®)
Hmotnost: 100 g - 130 g
Colour: black
Placement: front or hind
Specification: near or off (left, right)
S, M, L, XL of standard heights
LS, XLS of reduced heights

Compressive bandages in the CLASSIC line offer the mildest level of compression as they are designed to prevent the formation of lymphatic swellings in horses and to aid rapid and straightforward regeneration following strenuous exercise.

The bandages can be used whenever there is a likelihood of a swelling forming, i.e. when a horse is on box rest or following physical exertion. The bandages then assist in equine athletes' speedy recovery.

The bandages contain no seams, they are easy to put on and secure thanks to three layers of fastening (zipper, hooks and Velcro). The bandages' accurate anatomical shape ensures perfect fit while maintaining excellent elasticity and comfort when used. The bandages are manufactured by Vetoflex in the Czech Republic using the best Swiss-quality braided fibres. All VETOFLEX products contain microfibre, known for its highly beneficial qualities. It repulses moisture and cold from the outside while the porous structure of the material helps to wick sweat away from the skin. Microfibre materials closely resemble natural silk in both look and feel while the surface is resistant to pilling. Microfibre also maintains its desirable qualities despite washing and cleaning.


Lymphatic swelling can change its volume and size a number of times a day. It is therefore essential that the condition of any swelling is checked several times throughout the day and the bandage replaced as necessary for the correct size. Swellings can be reliably reduced only by using bandages of the correct sizes. When too big a bandage is used the compressive effects are lost. Using too small a bandage can aggravate the condition or cause the swelling to relocate to an area of less resistance, typically upwards.

VETOFLEX® Bandage product care instructions

  • Machine washable at 30C, ideally using a soap solution and washing programme for delicate items.
  • Use lower-speed spinning over a shorter time. Prolonged spinning at high RPM may cause irreversible damage to fibres.
  • Do not use bleaching agents or fabric conditioners which can create a film on the yarn preventing direct contact between the product surface and skin.
  • Wash with all fastenings done, including all Velcros, to prevent possible damage to the fabric.
  • Do not leave to dry in direct sunlight or near a source of heat.
  • Avoid contact with organic solvents, oils, fats and salves.
  • Protect the product from damage by sharp items.


PRICE CLASSIC SHORT                 1 PIECE    2470,- CZK

PRICE CLASSIC SILVER                 1 PIECE    3300,- CZK


When buying a pair you will get a washing bag