VETOFLEX  Belly Band

Taking care of the product

  • The protective band is machine washable at 30C, ideally using a soap solution and gentle washing cycle.
  • Use lower-speed spinning over a shorter time. Prolonged spinning at high RPM may cause irreversible damage to fibres.
  • Do not use bleaching agents. It is also not recommended to use fabric conditioners as they can create a film on the yarn preventing direct contact between the product surface and skin.
  • Wash with all fastenings done, including all Velcros, to prevent possible damage to the fabric.
  • Do not leave to dry in direct sunlight or near a source of heat.
  • Avoid contact with organic solvents, oils, fats and salves.
  • Protect the product from damage by sharp items.


Velcro straps make the belly band very easy to put on and remove. Simple attachments keep the belly band secured to the saddle and prevent its undesired movement.

Instructions for use

  • Place the protective band over the horse's back before saddling up with the fasteners pointing in the direction of the horse's head and both ends of the band hanging freely either side of the horse..
  • Pull both ends of the band together under the horse's belly and attach Velcro fasteners as required.
  • Thread the anchoring straps underneath the girth and fasten as to position the protective band 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 in) behind your boot's position, depending on your needs and the length of spurs used.
  • Attach the adjustable straps to breastplate rings at the front of the saddle.
  • Recheck the protective band for correct fit and tension.

Belly Band

Compressive belly band VETOFLEX® is intended for prevention of the development of lymphatic edema - the funnel, for faster and smoother regeneration after physical stress. They help maintain the correct flow of the lymph and prevent its stagnation in the lower limbs.


Material composition: 75% polyamide, 25% elastane (LYCRA®)
Weight: 590 g - 630 g
Colour: black

The outstanding qualities of the VETOFLEX CLASSIC compressive and protective belly band pushes the boundaries of equestrian sport. It provides protection to horses with delicate skin as it covers the sides and the circumference of the trunk keeping these areas safe from irritation or damage e.g. by spurs. Easily adjustable, it is anatomically shaped, comfortable, and easy on the skin. The belly band delivers excellent strength and is rubber-free. It repulses moisture and cold from the outside while the porous structure of the material helps to wick sweat away from the skin.


Compressive belly band VETOFLEX CLASSIC is designed to prevent damage to horses' sensitive skin, avoid skin irritation and promote healing of existing bruises.

BELLY BAND SILVER description:

Compressive belly band VETOFLEX SILVER is designed for horses with especially sensitive skin or horses with pre-existing skin bruises. Silver fibres interwoven into the belly band's fabric help to accelerate healing of existing skin damage.

Size chart

Size Chest circumference /  Length of the belt
FULL 195 - 225 cm                        205 cm
COB 175 - 200 cm                         195 cm
PONY 165 - 185 cm                       185 cm

PRICE CLASSIC BELLY BAND                           3750,- CZK