VETOFLEX® sleeves are suitable for use as the base layer underneath a range of protective boots.

Instructions for use

  • For easier application use the hoof covering provided. It makes it easier to slip the sleeve onto the pastern while protecting it from dirt from the hoof.
  • Place the covering over the horse's hoof and slip the sleeve over. Make sure the letter "V" is at the bottom of the sleeve.
  • Remove the covering and adjust the sleeve's position as necessary. Secure the lower edge of the sleeve over the hoof heels to ensure protection of the whole of the pastern below the fetlock joint.


Sleeves Classic

VETOFLEX® sleeves are designed to offer protection for skin in the heel and fetlock area. They are especially suitable for horses with sensitive skin, horses prone to mud fever or other skin ailments.


Material composition:  60% polyamide (PAD, SKINLIFE), 20% elastane (LYCRA®), 20% polyester (PES)
Colour: black, silver
Size: S - M, L - XL

CLASSIC SILVER sleeves represent the basic product line. Thanks to the material used, such as braided LYCRA® fibre and crimped polyester, the sleeves resist the effects of climatic conditions, microorganisms as well as moisture - drying very quickly.

Skinlife is a silver-containing material that lends the sleeves their cooling feel of silk as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. The sleeves are breathable and contain no rubber.

Sleeves of the CLASSIC PROTECT line are impregnated with natural eucalyptus and tea tree oils that soothe the skin and repel ticks and other insects.

Taking care of the product

The sleeve is machine washable at 30C, ideally using a soap solution and gentle washing cycle.

  • Use lower-speed spinning over a shorter time. Prolonged spinning at high RPM may cause irreversible damage to fibres.
  • Do not use bleaching agents. It is also not recommended to use fabric conditioners as they can create a film on the yarn preventing direct contact between the product surface and skin.
  • Wash with all fastenings done, including all Velcros, to prevent possible damage to the fabric.
  • Do not leave to dry in direct sunlight or near a source of heat.
  • Avoid contact with organic solvents, oils, fats and salves.
  • Protect the product from damage by sharp items.